Thursday, July 07, 2011


Last weekend I went to New Hampshire. While there, I:

  • made two pies

  • did some gardening

  • was awakened by the keening, continuing sound of an animal, and kept awake by its creepiness

  • read 85% of The Age of Innocence

  • picked and arranged wildflowers

  • made a yummy fresh slaw with honey and sherry vinegar

  • picked sour cherries and cooked them into sour cherry compote

Sour Cherry Compote

this is easy-peasy!

pick a bowlful of sour cherries (around 4 cups or so)
wash them
pit them
put them in a saucepan
cover with water, just enough to cover the cherries
add ~1/2 cup of granulated sugar
add a few strips of lemon zest

cook until it's reduced to a mush and the water's all been absorbed.
remove lemon zest and any stray cherry pits.
let cool.
serve over vanilla ice cream or plain Greek yogurt.
approx. four cups of cherries will yield around a cup or so of finished compote.

I also saw a bear in the woods. A real live bear.

And I got stung by a wasp.